Why site speed is one of the most important ROI factors

by Nov 22, 2019

Why site speed is one of the most important ROI factors

We all know the statistic that if your site doesn’t load in 3s, you are losing 40% of your visitor forever. A few days ago, in my blog titled “WordPress Speed Optimization – 3 secrets.” I said, “Site speed is, however, undoubtedly a major factor in search engine rankings, not only due to speed affecting rankings but also due to a slow site’s affect on bounce rates.”
I need to back that statement up with some cold hard research so looked at what others had done in that area and found some excellent stuff.

First off Section.io¹ has research from August 2017 that shows “9.6% of visitors bounce when the page speed is 2 seconds”, but 32.3% of visitors bounce when the page speed is 7 seconds.

Secondly, Pingdom² has research showing a bounce rate of 7% for a 1 second load time vs a bounce rate of 53% for 7 seconds.

Then Google³ has research from February 2018 that says bounce rates increase by 32% for a 3 second load time and by a staggering 106% for a 6 second load time.

So this is now a triple whammy for folks with slow sites. First off their ranking in Google SERPS is lower due to their site speed being lower. Then their ranking in the SERPs is lowered again because their bounce rates are high. Then their conversion rate suffers as well.

But wait, even if they try and fix their SERPs by paying loads of money for Google Adwords, their bounce rate is still poor, so the Adwords campaigns suffer because quality scores go down and this also leads to paying higher fees for minimum bids.

So any way you look at it, this makes site speed is one of the most critical factors affecting ROI!

Now you should probably read some of my other blog articles at https://www.quickwpsite.com/blog/ to see what you can do about fixing your speed issues, or hire me to get it done quickly and efficiently for you.

Let me know in the comments your own real world experiences with page speed and ROI.


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Anthony Walker

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