What We Do

So what magic do we do to get you more traffic and more sales?

The work we do includes but is not limited to:

    • Fix any redirects
    • Ensure browser caching is used
    • Enable WordPress page and object caching
    • Fix any blocking JavaScript or CSS
    • Inline above the fold CSS
    • Ensure Compression is enabled
    • Minify CSS, HTML and JavaScript
    • Optimize PHP configuration
    • Optimize Mysql
    • Check DNS
    • Enable HTTPS if a certificate is available
    • Optimize images
    • Cache page content where appropriate
    • Reduce URLs
    • Enable Keep Alive
    • If your host is slow recommend changes
    • Use a CDN where appropriate
    • Remove unused addons
    • Optimize addons for load time
    • Optimize any JavaScript and other calls on the pages
    • We keep optimizing till we get the best page speed possibe, which for some clients is as low as 1 second



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