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Stop losing customers to a slow loading website…

According to Kissmetrics, if your site doesn’t load in 3s, you are losing 40% of your visitors. FOREVER! We tune your site to fix that and get it loading lightning fast

A 1 second delay can cause a 7% reduction in conversions

Conversion Rate is one of the most important metrics for a website and researchers have shown a direct relationship between speed of a site and conversion rate.

Google ranks speedy websites higher

One of the most important SEO ranking factors for 2019 to get you onto page 1 of Google is your site speed

Mobile is taking over and needs fast pages

Over 58% of site visits are from mobile devices, but 73% of mobile users say that they’ve found some websites to slow to use

I’ve optimised hundreds of WordPress websites
Let’s make yours the next one to get blazing fast and start selling more

24 hour quick turnaround hassle free service

You have a WordPress website that loads really slowly.

I will make your site load in less than 3 seconds, delivered in 24 hours after order confirmation and payment.

Your visitors will be happy because your site loads lightning fast.

Google will see the speed and it will push up your scores, leading to a better ranking website. 🙂

Is this Service Suitable For You?

(Short Answer: Yes)

Having optimised hundreds of websites, the answer is YES this service is exactly what you need. I can speed up almost any WordPress website, even if you have  WooCommerce or membership addons.

My success rate is more than 99% and is highly recommended by our clients.

You can rest assured I do offer a money back guarantee (protected by Paypal) for cases where it is not possible to increase your speeds to less than 3 seconds with an A/A rating.

The cost of a slow website is huge. Losing visitors and sales can kill your website, I can help you fix that and improve your user experience.

30 days in the life of a slow WordPress site

30 days in the life of a slow WordPress site So you just bought a theme, configured Woocommerce and host of other plugins, added pages, blog articles and products to your website....all ready to launch. Then you realise it is taking 20 seconds for just your home page to load. Knowing the stat that 1 second = 7%...

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10 tips for speeding up your WordPress website

10 tips for speeding up your WordPress website You would think that making WordPress fast and getting it to load in less than 3 seconds would be easy since so many sites use it and the code is quite standard. Unfortunately, this is not the case because there are so many different types of hosting, so many plugins and...

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Where to Host for best WordPress Speeds

FastComet Good choice of name and they deliver on what they say. Main features are: SSD servers server locations in 10 major cities all over the world They move your domain and files from your existing host for free Cloudflare included Free backups Varnish cache and Memcached on some plans Scored highly on my hosting...

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide support?

Yes we offer a 30-day money back guarantee and support

How does it work?

We login to your website and your hosting control panel and tune the settings. We also add some WordPress addons and may change some of the html for your website as well. Throughout the process we backup data and ensure your site continues working properly. We benchmark our work with tools like GTMetrix

Can you really fix slow WordPress websites?

Yes. Have a look at the speed results for our own WordPress Speed Optimization Service website. A/A and less than 1 second load time.

Do I need to signup for any other services or buy software?

No, we provide everything needed included in our one-time fee.

Does it work with any site?

Our speed optimization service works with any WordPress site or Woocommerce Site. WordPress speed optimization makes any slow site super fast, boosting speed test scores and website speed. We will boost page load time, get your images optimized, check server resources and WordPress plugins, all to make sure search engines and users find your site super fast.

Do you use any addons?

Yes, we use a combination of either free or fully licenced WordPress addons. This includes W3 Total Cache, WP Rocket, Perfmatters,  Autooptimize, Imagify, Super Host Speed Benchmark and others. Plugin use varies from site to site. We use some to optimize images with lossless compression, some as a cache plugin, some for content delivery network’s, some for lazy loading and some for minification. Different plugins are best for different areas and we often use a combination of them as well as our own code.


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