Elegant Marketing , but are they the best WordPress super theme or not?

by Nov 9, 2019

Elegant Marketing , but are they the best WordPress super theme or not?

I won’t lie to you. This blog post was inspired by some smart marketing by Elegant Themes for their Divi super theme. If I write a blog post then I stand 10 more chances to win a Mac Pro. So, why not? For more details see the Divi Black Friday sale

For the last 5 more years I have not been a fan of Divi or any of the other theme editors. None of them did everything properly, and you always ended up having to edit a PHP file or some HTML somewhere.
Of course the lack of proper child themes or layouts was always an issue. Divi, however, has come a long way and when a designer I was working with used it a few months ago I was impressed, we have since used it on quite a few projects, and it has given us some flexibility we never had before.

There are a few things they could do little better for speed optimisation, but they are one of the better themes in terms of that. Nothing that can’t be fixed with a few addons and a CDN.

So I actually rate Divi as worth a serious look if you in the market for a new Theme/Builder combination., or even just a theme.



Anthony Walker

Anthony Walker

Anthony is a Digital Marketing and SEO Expert with extensive experience. He has worked for financial services companies and web hosting business and in those roles has created many very successful online business and brands. He has a wide range of Business, Marketing, Financial and IT experience.

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